Thank you


The Sweet Tryst (3 hours) … 590€

Dinner Date / Lunch Date (About 4 hours) … 690€
A romantic dinner or lunch and sweet/seductive dessert

Hot Romance (About 6 hours) … 790€

Overnight Romance (12 hours) … 990€

Day of Romance (24 hours) … 1,290€

Please place the gift in an open envelope with the word “GIFT” written on the front and hand it to me discreetly. This should be done within the first 10 minutes of our encounter. Please never make me ask for the gift or discuss it in any way.

A tip to show your appreciation is considered a thoughtful gesture, and is always appreciated – but never expected.

  • Natural
  • Smiling
  • Passionate
  • Independent
  • Elegant

Passionate Moments with Anna Mia